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Maintenance Service

NAK.Maint is included with each NAK.Local Device

Included in NAK.Maint

NAK.Local Hardware Monitoring

Our custom developed monitoring system will continually monitor more the 30 point of reference on your NAK.Local device, including temperature, Disk Space, System Usage, Disk Usage...

NAK.Backup Artificial Technician (A-Tech)

Our A-Tech is under continuing development by Nak Systems Inc. The A-Tech interacts with NAK.Local Hardware Monitoring and our ServerSide API to make decisions on the necessary steps to resolve an issue. As an example if the A-Tech sees temperature rising on one hard drive with the other running at normal;
  ▻the system will test the device fans
  ▻check system & disk utilization
  ▻query S.M.A.R.T drive data
  ▻run quick diagnostic test on all drives and filesystems
  ▻Send Emergency notification on a fault condition
  ▻Send test/system synopsis for one of our techs to view. This allows for a quicker resolution to any problem which arise.

Notification and Alerts

Notification systems alert Nak Systems Inc. staff via Email, SMS, as well using our support ticket systems.

Hardware Repair And Replacement

NAK.Local hardware is fully covered under NAK.Maint for the duration of your contract.