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Cloud Backup SME Edition

Benefits of NAK.Backup SME Edition

Enterprise Level backup solution for the small medium enterprise. Allowing small workgroup to highlevel backup technologies.

No Additional Equipment

No local equipment needed, utilizing traditional cloud storage

Block Storage in 1Tb Increments

Shared blocked storage, can be utilize by all clients in your group


Data deduplication is a specialized data compression technique for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data. the amount of data that must be stored or transferred can be greatly reduced.
NAK.Backup not only utilizes deduplication compression on a per client basis, we also cross your entire enterprise.

Client Side File Restore

NAK.Backup/SME allows file restoration from the workstation. Restoring an accidentally deleted file or folder can be restored, by date, with a couple of clicks.

Fully Integrated With NAK.Portal

Full integration with NAK.Portal, allows you to manage / monitor client backups remotely.
  ▻Start Full Backup On Client
  ▻Start Incidental Backup On Client
  ▻Download Preconfigure Installer For Client
  ▻Reporting Daily/Weekly/Month