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Cloud Storage For NAK.Backup System

Benefits of NAK.Cloud

Block Storage in 1Tb Increments

Byte-level File Replication

Replication at the file operation level. Replicate file modification operations, generated by application activity, no meta data is replicated. Only data modified in files is replicated, not entire files (byte-level file replication).
File Types, File System Differences, Application Locks (file in use), Encrypted Files, can replicated with versioning. Without re-uploading the entire file, when we only need the bytes that have been modified.

Saving Time and Bandwith.

Fully Integrated Into NAK.Backup

NAK.Cloud has been designed to work with NAK.Backup

Location Based DataStores

Nak Systems Inc. is big into Virtualized Computing, so it just makes sense that NAK.Cloud servers are Virtualized Clustered Storage Arrays. This means your data can be stored in geographically separated areas. Additionally we expand our storage network utilizing certified co-location facilities.

Security thru Non Connection

Since NAK.Cloud only support NAK.Backup devices, and each device connects via VPN technology, NAK.Cloud has no direct port connection to the internet, which allows for no "failed-logon attempt" attacks to our servers.

Our System Administrators can take every error log entry with the highest level of seriousness. As an example, email servers get over 1000 failed login attempts per hour (over a 3 month period), which makes looking into each entry impractical.