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ColdStorage For NAK.Backup System

What is Cold Storage?

Cold Storage is for long term data retention, this data typically will not be required for active use and might not be needed for months, years, decades, or maybe never. Practical examples of data suitable for cold storage include; records needed to be maintained for financial, legal, HR, or other business record keeping requirements, or anything else that’s of value but not needed anytime soon.

Why does it take so long to get my files?

It can take upto 5 business days to recover files
Our Cold Storage system utlizes LTO tapes which have to be physically loaded, this protects the tape from modifications, damage, theft. As a result this process can take some time, this is including having the tape(s) couriered to our offices.

Benefits of NAK.ColdStorage

Block Storage in 1Gb Increments

NAK.ColdStorage is a usage based service, see our pricelist

Full Encryped

All files are transfered to our Storage Servers are encrypted by your onsite NAK.Local device,
Once all files have been uploaded and verified, your file are compressed and encrypted using per task generated private keys.

Fully Integrated Into NAK.Backup

NAK.ColdStorage has been designed to work with NAK.Backup

Long Term Offline Storage

NAK Systems Inc. utilizes LTO (Linear Tape Open) tape storage.
As this technology has been proven over decades of real world usage, as the best long term storage options. Once a Tape Libary has been filled they stored offsite in a registered data storage facilty.

Security thru Non Connection

Since NAK.ColdStorage only support NAK.Local devices and each device connects only via VPN technology, NAK.ClodStorage has no direct connection to the internet, which allows for no "brute force" attacks to our servers.

Our System Administrators can take every error log entry with the highest level of seriousness. As an example, email servers get over 1000 failed login attempts per hour (over a 3 month period), which makes looking into each entry impractical.