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Full Enterprise Backup Solutions

NAK.Backup is a collaboration of applications and service

NAK.Backup allows every business to utilize enterprise class backup technology. Regardless of technical experience or budget, a system can be configured to allow your organization to employ 3 - 2 - 1 backup strategy.
3 Copies of the data, 2 different media, 1 copy offsite.

The first part (first copy of onsite data) is your device. Be it a PC, Mac, Tablet, we can supply software which will integrate with the hardware supplied with NAK.Local. Offering full backup, sync and file sharing options, but we can support most backup technologies, from full system imaging, to simple “Drag & Drop” Folder Share.

The second part (second copy of onsite data), is utilizing the network attached storage (NAS) device. With configured password security and network level authentication for local protection, this device will receive and store files. The NAS is configured with Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) hard drives to allow for hard drive failure and recovery of data without downtime on the NAS itself.

The third part (offsite copy of the data) is where Nak Systems Inc. differs from other backup companies, as we can support many other offsite solutions.


This is the main package which can include NAK.Local, NAK.Cloud, NAK.Maint. This is also the primary software which runs on the NAS. This software allows secure communication and remote access for NAK.Maint.


This portion is the network attached storage (NAS) device. These are little servers purpose-built for data storage. Nak Systems Inc. adds its software to theses devices to add security software and extra functionality.
Each NAS device is equipped with a dual drive RAID system, which allows for a drive failure... Read More ...


This is traditional cloud storage supplied by Nak Systems Inc. The main difference we use co-location datacenters, this allows us to location to store your data. As an example if your are located in Toronto, Canada you may want to have your data kept in Canada or even in Toronto. As an alternative you may want your storage ... Read More ...


Cold Storage is for long term data retention, this data typically will not be required for active use and might not be needed for months, years, decades, or maybe ever. Practical examples of data suitable for cold storage include old projects, records needed to be maintained for financial, legal, HR, or other business record keeping requirements, or anything else that’s of value but not needed anytime soon. ... Read More ...


This is the maintenance potion of NAK.Backup, this include autonomous software run on Nak Systems Inc. server for monitoring, notification, basic device maintenance and filesystems maintenance. As well as maintenance programs for hardware repair/replacement ... Read More ...

NAK.Backup SME

Not all organization need a full backup systems, NAK.Backup/SME is for Small Medium Enterprises which need to backup a couple of workstations. Fully cloud based no local equipment required, complete with file versioning, full and incremental backups. ... Read More ...

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