NAK.Toolz Version 1

Asset Tracking Kept Simple

NAK.Toolz V1 is a Asset Tracking application which has been designed from the ground up to keep transactional steps to a minimum. Simplicity and Speed are major driving forces in the development of NAK.Toolz V1

NAK.Toolz V1 can be run in a virtual environment or from a network server. The system requirements for NAK.Toolz V1 is quite low, all new operating systems can support NAK.Toolz V1 virtual environment. With 1Gb of allocated memory, the system can run 10 concurrent users. Nak Systems Inc. has assembled a micro server focused on running NAK.Apps. Click To find out more about NAK.AppServer
NAK.Toolz V1 can be utilized with or without an internet connection, updates can be done over the internet or USB flash drive.

Simple Menu System For Easy Navigation

The Menu System is all at one level for ease of access to all users. Users with limited account access will not display icons for which the user has no access.

NAK.Toolz V1 has the function to take the system offline. This allows only "Admins" to login and make system configurations, modifications, and import functionality for inventory maintenance.

Outgoing Transaction Screen

Outgoing transactions can be completed quickly with a minimum of entries.
  • 1. Enter Client Id# (Barcode/RFiD Scanners are supported)
  • 2. If Needed you can add Costing/Tracking Code (optional, used for reporting)
  • 3. Enter Item # (Barcode/RFiD Scanners are supported)
  •  a. Serialized items will be added (if available)
  •  b. Multi Qty or Consumable items will add with qty field
  •  c. If Item not found, Search window will open

Partially completed transactions can be saved and placed on hold, by clicking the "Save" icon.

Return Tranaction Screen

Return Transaction is about as quick and simple as possibly could be. Simply select the type of return; Ready (default), Needs Repair, Out Of Service ... Enter Item Number
if you have multi item to return just keep scanning item numbers. The selected "Status" will stick until screen is closed.

Inventory Import Screen

A CSV formated file can be imported into inventory. The Import tool will validate imported numbers as "good" to import, and add the new item to inventory. If the item fails for some reason, (duplicate number) will be logged and outputted after toll has completed.

Detail Reporting

With the custom reporting engine, NAK.Toolz V1 can generate multiple types of reports based on item history stored within its database.
  • ◉ Outstanding Equipment by User or Group
  • ◉ Historical Activity by User or Group
  • ◉ Equipment Utilization
  • ◉ Multiple Styles of Inventory Reports