Micro Application Server

NAK.AppServer was assembled out of the need for a small form factor, low cost server.

To run NAK.Apps natively, without the need for virtualization software or the concern of rebooting due to a Windows update.

Running Server OS

CentOs is a Red Hat Enterprise Linux based operating system.

Informative Front Panel LCD

All NAK.Apps will utilize the front lcd to pass info to you about system activities, errors, and boot process.

AsRock Q1900B-ITX

The Q1900-ITX is a more high-end Mini ITX Celeron J1900 board. Compared the Q1900M this firstly means that you have to use SODIMMs and also means that there are fewer expansion slots, there is a PCI-Express x1 and a Mini-PCIe slot.

IntelĀ® Quad-Core Processor J1900 2.0Ghz

2Gb DDR3 Memory

Base model NAK.AppServer comes with 2Gb of memory, but can support up to 32Gb. Nak Systems Inc. use only top brand memory with lifetime warranty

Samsung SSD

We chose to use a Solid State Drive for read and write speed increase from traditional spinning hard drives, as well lower power, and reliability.